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Training & Commissioning

After an installation has been completed, RGR Facilities will typically follow up with a training & commissioning session on site.

During this session, a member of the RGR Facilities team will ensure that the grease trap has been properly set up & turned on, and adjust any relevant settings to meet the site’s requirements for the unit. This is the commissioning stage.

Alongside the commissioning of the grease trap, RGR also provide training to the site’s kitchen staff on how to maintain the unit. This will typically involve a brief introduction to the grease trap and how it works, and also a demonstration of any daily or other maintenance required to keep the grease trap operating at full capacity.

Although training is initially carried out following the installation of a grease trap on site, RGR Facilities will sometimes recommend additional training at a later date, if it becomes apparent that maintenance procedures are no longer being adhered to. Due to the high turnover of staff at many locations, retraining sessions can be essential in ensuring that grease trap maintenance standards don’t slip due to changes of staff or management on a site