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Specifying a unit

When it comes to specifying a grease trap, the key requirement is the volume of waste water it can handle at any given time. Other factors impacting the decision can include available space for installation, budget and of course the preferences of the client.

In instances where the client is unsure what unit they require, in order to specify a grease trap for a site, RGR Facilities will typically carry out a site survey, or work off the proposed site plans in the case of unfinished sites.

Site surveys are conducted free of charge by a senior engineer, and at the end a report with accompanying images will be produced. These reports are broken down into individual areas or floors for larger sites, and detail current equipment & procedures in place for dealing with fat, oil, grease & food waste, recommended units based on the requirements of the site, and the space required for installation.

Once a site survey and report have been generated, or a site plan has been received, a no obligation quotation listing different grease management options will be sent to the client for their consideration.