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Do all my appliances need to feed into a grease trap?

When it comes to the question of which appliances should be fed through a grease removal unit, there is a clear consensus that a grease trap is essential for any commercial catering site, and that combi ovens and sinks such as the pot wash sink should invariably feed into it.

While a prep sink may not require a grease trap, provided that a sink filter has been fitted and the food being prepped doesn’t contain fat, oil or grease, this is ultimately dependant on what is being prepped in it.

Dishwashers are where there is a clear difference of opinion. While some industry insiders consider it essential for a dishwasher to flow through a grease trap, others feel that detergents released into the water during the washing process can actually serve to hinder the grease trap from functioning at peak efficiency. As such, they recommend rinsing and scraping dishes and cutlery in the pre-rinse sink before placing them in the dishwasher, preventing the need for it to feed through the grease trap.