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How regularly should I service my grease trap?

The frequency of grease trap servicing varies substantially from site to site, and location to location. As a general rule of thumb, RGR Facilities would recommend your grease trap is serviced no less than twice per year.

That said, many larger sites may require between three and four services per year, depending on factors such as the type of food served, location, daily covers and thoroughness of staff daily maintenance routines.

RGR will initially agree a service schedule based upon the factors listed above. However, if a site requires multiple call outs alongside the previously recommended services, a revised service schedule may be proposed to ensure the grease trap is operating to full effectiveness at all times.

It is worth noting that while most Water Authorities in the mainland UK cannot impose a minimum service frequency on a site, clients based in privately owned shopping malls, airports, train stations and the Republic of Ireland may be required to demonstrate that they are compliant with relevant regulations around grease trap maintenance and servicing. Failure to do so can risk hefty fines and even temporary or permanent closure in extreme situations.