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Is your grease trap prepared for the festive period?

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With the festive season now getting into full swing, restauranteurs will be entering one of the busiest periods of the year, with more covers served and Christmas menu’s, containing roasts, rich in fats, oils & grease appearing.

This makes it particularly important to ensure that grease removal equipment is installed and properly maintained in your kitchen, in order to avoid the risk of expensive drainage call outs, or worse yet, site closures over the festive period.

If your site are experiencing slow draining sinks, bad smells from the grease trap, or any other non-essential issues, these may indicate that a problem is forming, or that daily maintenance is not being carried out correctly. It is far better to get these potential issues looked at now, rather than waiting for them to develop into a full blown problem over the coming weeks.

Although RGR do operate on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there will be a reduced number of engineers in  operation and increased costs for call outs, meaning that it is far more cost effective to ensure that everything is working satisfactorily, prior to Christmas & New Years, rather than waiting for the problem to escalate, before arranging a visit.

If you need to arrange a call out, or service visit for your grease trap, or are looking to get a unit installed, get in contact with RGR today by emailing or calling 020 7221 6094 and find out what we can do for you.

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