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Why do I need a grease trap?

When left without a functioning grease trap, commercial catering sites are increasingly likely to run into drainage problems, due to a build up of fat, oil, grease and waste food. These gradually clog, then block drainage pipework, and contribute to potentially costly fatbergs further along the sewer system.

Many privately owned sites across the UK, for instance airports, train stations and shopping centre’s will require tenants to have a properly sized, fitted and maintained grease trap in order to begin trading. And in recent years, local water authorities have begun to crack down on sites failing to live up to their duty of care, through a mixture of penalties, prosecutions and also public awareness campaigns.

As the owner of a restaurant or commercial kitchen, while purchasing a grease trap and paying for it to be maintained may appear like a significant expense, in the long run, drainage issues on site can be very damaging, not only to your reputation, but also your profits - as fines, repairs and forced site closures can quickly dwarf the cost of even the most expensive of grease traps.